Why is it Good for Candidates?

Candidates will receive a fantastic application process through PUSH and PULL. This is because we offer them the chance to speak DIRECTLY to employers.

Significantly, candidates will be provided with the chance to make a great impression on potential employers even before they have met.

About PUSH and PULL

PUSH and PULL is an advanced headhunting platform which is turning old fashioned recruitment on its head! We offer a DIRECT recruitment service, providing specialist sourcing for employers across a range of industries.

We invite smart, intelligent and skilled candidates to apply through our web portal for a variety of jobs which fit their skillset.
Once the candidates have applied each employer will receive a message straight to their inbox.

We have many methods of headhunting and sourcing suitably qualified and experienced candidates.

We access multiple online channels specific sector routeways in attracting candidates. This is through business networks, professional memberships, licenced CV sourcing, social media job services.

Candidates like nothing better than having their skills recognised in line with specific criteria in line with specific criteria and be invited to apply direct to an employer as a first point of contact

By Using PUSH and PULL for Talent you will increase the quality and calibre of candidate applications, while also improving the candidates experience.